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Weekly Bible Study

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Online via Zoom every Tuesday at 7:30pm

Weekly Bible Study with Knox Grand Valley Presbyterian Church

As Christians, we are a community of faith living in covenantal relationship with God and with each other. As a community of faith, we are called, nourished, transformed and equipped to go out into our daily lives and the world by encountering God through his Word.

The pages of Scripture reveal a God repeatedly reaching out with love, forgiveness, relationship, and salvation, which is ultimately revealed in the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is through meditating on the Word that we come to a greater awareness of who God is and ultimately, who we are as well as people living in grace.

Knox’s weekly Bible study is a lively group of people who aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions about life and faith. It’s a collaborative effort where everyone is encouraged to participate/contribute depending on their comfort level. We are all on different points on our faith journey and each journey is respected and upheld. What we all have in common is a shared passion to know God more, a commitment to learning and understanding what it means to be under grace, a desire to be open to the Spirit’s transforming power speaking to us through the Scriptures, and to live in ways that reflect both the fullness of life God intends for us in Christ and the calling on our lives as a covenantal people.

Whether you are curious about the Christian faith, just starting to explore faith in Christ, or have been a follower for many years and want to come to a greater awareness of God’s presence in your life, know you are welcome and among friends travelling the road of faith. Simply come as you are.

Currently, we are studying the books of the 2nd Testament (New Testament) in chronological order.

If you like to join the study, please send an e-mail to and a Zoom invite will be sent to you by e-mail!

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